About Bridges Tsukuba

Bridges Tsukuba is a progressive English preschool and after school established with the aim of empowering children to become well-rounded, independent, academically competitive, and culturally literate lifelong learners. For meaningful learning, English is taught through reading.

In keeping with our aim, we practice the recognition of diversity in class by acknowledging individual differences. Hence, one- size- fits- all education does not exist in our system. High- quality education programs are designed and tailored according to an individual’s learning needs or level.

High-quality education demands high-quality teachers and a conducive learning environment. Teachers are well-educated and well-trained, and class sizes are kept small with each class accommodating only six students at most.

Lessons are mostly implemented through workshops. Academic lessons are powered up with the use of thematic units and books like Treasures, A Closer Look, Math Connects; interesting collections of children’s literature around the world such The Magic Tree House, Tikki Tikki Tembo, The Magic Pebble, Doctor de Soto and other Newberry and Caldecott Honor books . We also use audio-visual devices for interactive classroom activities and lesson enrichment purposes.

At Bridges, teachers are encouraged to be resourceful. The lessons in each theme and in these books are made richer by teacher-created or sourced-out materials. Teachers ensure that all prepared materials are levelled for mastery, independent work, and challenging tasks.

Bridges is an advocate of strong home-school connection. Teachers and parents collaborate for the educational benefit of each child. Parents are given feedback about their children’s performance after every class.

Bridges Tsukuba wishes to contribute to Japan’s internationalization efforts by providing learners with ample learning opportunities that promote cultural awareness and recognition of cultural diversity through Reading, our flagship program.

Come, learn with us, and become a part of our growing community.